High pressure promises drier weather

The barometric pressure has continued to rise slowly as the anticyclone to the west of the UK edges closer. As a result, on Wednesday we had another dry day although the maximum of 12.3C, being 1.8C below my 40-year average, was disappointing due to the continuing brisk wind, maximum gust if 20mph, from the north and northwest. That colder air stream also meant a chilly night under clear skies, with the thermometer sinking to 2.0C at 04.45 producing a short lived ground frost. The low was 1.7C below my long-term average.

The sun began to shine strongly on Thursday shortly after it got up and lifted the temperature to 5.4C by 08.00. Mid-afternoon a weather front will cross our area bringing with it cloud thus obscuring the sunshine after a sunny morning.

The high pressure has seen another 6mb aded to the barometric pressure since Wednesday and will continue to rise as the anticyclone edges closer and is likely to take charge of our weather for the next few days. That should mean a few dry days but the cloud cover variable. The wind will back a few degrees early afternoon and come from the west, a slightly warmer direction than of late.