More depressions approaching – depressing!

Wednesday was a gloomy day with drizzle on and off all morning but lightened a little in the afternoon although the peak of 12.0C was logged at 12.39 and was 1.1C below my 40-year average. Once again a cloudy night meant a mild night with a low of 8.8C being 5.1C above average. Rainfall amounted to 3.2mm taking the monthly total to 22.1mm when the 40-year average is 57.1mm.

The UV level of 4.3 was well into the ‘Moderate’ category and the highest strength since 13th September.

Early Thursday there were very short bursts of sunshine but by 08.00 the sky had total cloud cover. The wind will back a few degrees as the day progresses from west-southwest eventually to south and be strong until early afternoon when rain is forecast to appear from a rain band currently over the west county.

A deep depression is currently in mid-Atlantic and heading our way so the barometric pressure, which is relatively low at the moment, will continue to fall. The reading at 08.00 was 999.8mb.

The wind will increase substantially later tonight and into Friday, then on to Saturday, as the intense depression gets close to the UK before heading northwards up the west coast. Winds are forecast to possibly reach 50mph over our area on Saturday.

The deep depression had just been named Storm Kathleen by Met Eireann as it will impact Ireland greatly over the weekend and earlier Storm Olivia by Portuguese Metrological Service.