Last of the very warm days on Saturday

A peak of 19.4C at 14.48 on Friday made it the warmest day this month also since 19th October being a significant 5.4C above my 40-year average. It was the second consecutive dry day and the UV level peaked again at 5.2 being mid-way into the ‘High’ level.

A low overnight of 9.6C was also well above average being +5.9C.

Saturday dawned with a cloudy sky but just after 08.00 brief breaks appeared in the cloud cover allowing strong bursts of sunshine to strike through that lifted the temperature to 10.9C at 08.00.

The very large area of high-pressure that has been positioned over the Continent for the past few days is beginning to move away and slowly fill, as a consequence the barometric pressure has been falling slowly this past twenty-four hours, down 7mb since its peak on Thursday. We are slowly coming under a depression to the northwest that will see the wind veer into the west later on Saturday, a cooler direction, which will mean the next few days will be a few degrees cooler than recently, closer to the average.

The warmth of recent days has slowly warmed the soil. The temperature of the ground at a depth of 5cm read 11.4C at 08.00,a rise of 5C since Wednesday.