Another dreary, dull day ahead!

Tuesday once again brought a below average maximum (-2.4C) with a high of just 11.7C late in the afternoon at 16.20. The continuous cloud cover gave us a minimum of 5.4C at 00.10 early Wednesday, which was 1.7C above average. Tuesday was a dry day but the UV level, thanks to the cloud, was only in the ‘Moderate’ category.

Wednesday dawned dull, and dreary as clumps of thicker cloud drifted down on the brisk northerly breeze bringing intermittent light drizzle, as observed at 07.00, but not measurable.

The recent anticyclone continues to decline, current pressure at 08.00 was 1018.8mb, down 6mb since Tuesday that will continue to direct the cold northerly air stream over the UK. However, later this afternoon a depression over the Continent will take control of our weather and the wind will back into the southwest into Thursday before once again changing to an easterly as the low relocates over the UK.