Change on the way

Tuesday was a day best forgotten with a maximum 5.3C below my 40-year average, peaking at just 15.3C late in the afternoon at 16.04, this was 2C below the Monday peak. This was thanks to the lack of sunshine and the northerly air steam continuing to stream down cool air from the Arctic across the country. This was followed by yet another cool night, being even further from the average with a low of just 4.2C, which was -6C below.

Wednesday brought a little brightness first thing but cloud soon obliterated any sustained improvement.

A transitory ridge of high pressure will dictate our weather on Wednesday – but it won’t last. A deep depression to the west of the UK is moving in that will see the wind back from the north into the west after midday that will cut off the very cool air stream resulting in a slight improvement in temperature but still below average for the next day or two. The rain radar indicates that the second half of Thursday could be very wet. The barometric pressure had risen to 1022.5mb by 08.00, the highest since the 3rd.

Nagging northwesterly persists for another day – so cool again!

Yet again on Monday we were under the influence of the low pressure over Scandinavia funnelling the Artic air down from around Greenland on a northwest or north-northwesterly air stream. As a result the maximum was again pegged back in the cool air with a maximum of just 17.2C being 3.4C below my 40-year average but at least a degree up on the Sunday low. It was a dry day with the UV level peaking at ‘High’.

The past night was again cool with the thermometer sinking to a low of 3.9C being a significant 6.3C below the average.

Monday brought glorious sunshine to start the day that lifted the temperature to 10.2C at 08.00. The barometric pressure has been slowly rising to reach 1019.0mb at 08.00, the highest for four days. The cool air ob a light northwesterly will continue.

The pesky depression has been very slowly easing away and also slowly filling. We are beginning to come under the influence of a high pressure system in the Atlantic that should give us a dry day and into tomorrow but it won’t last. By Thursday that transitory high will have disappeared and we will come under the influence of yet another depression.

4C below average maximum – that’s not summer!

The cool airstream brought down from the Arctic meant a very cool day on Sunday that saw the thermometer struggle to reach a maximum of just 16.4C at 16.20 being a significant 4.2C below my 40-year average. Thankfully, the past night was not as cold as the previous night (2.7C) but a minimum of 9.2C at 06.46 on Monday was still 1.0C below average. We have now had six consecutive nights with a below average minimum.

Rain began to fall just after 01.00 early Monday that produced a daily total of 3.5mm. The monthly total now stands at 5.3mm when my 40-year average is 53.8mm.

Monday dawned dull under cloud from the back of the weather system that crossed overnight within which was a cold front. Wind gusted to 16mph on Sunday but after dawn on Monday it increased to a peak of 20mph, that produced a wind chill therefore outside it felt at least 2C below that indicated on a thermometer. The depression is still funnelling Arctic air down over the country, from around Greenland, so Monday will be another cool day with the possibility of showers. The barometric pressure at 08.00 read 1010.0mb, the lowest reading this month. The wind will continue from a northerly quarter, principally north-northwest.

2.7C – that’s cool – especially for June, but not quite a record

The maximum on Saturday eased upwards a trifle to reach 19.3C at 16.17, however, this was the fifth consecutive below average at -1.3C. The UV level for the second day reach the ‘Very High’ category.

During the evening the warmth slowly drained away into the atmosphere and for almost four hours in the early hours of Sunday hovered around 3C with a minimum of 2.7C at 04.22, which is very low for June and a significant 7.5C below my 40-year average. It was the coldest June night since 2010 when a low of just 1.4C was logged.

Sunday arrived with glorious sunshine that had lifted the temperature to 12.8C at 08.00.

We are still, and will continue for three more days, under the influence of the low pressure over Scandinavia that has been bringing the very cool air from near the Arctic.

Highest UV all year on Friday but cold air continues

The variable sunshine raised the peak temperature to 18.5C at 16.03 before thickening cloud stopped any further rise. In fact light rain and drizzle was observed just north of Marlborough but dry all day. The UV level rose to 7.9 at 13.26 being in the ‘Very High’ category and was the highest since 18th July 2023. However,it is almost mid-summer and midday is 13.30 so strong sunshine at that time should be expected in that category. The past night was milder with a low of 9.1C at 05.48 early Saturday. Both the maximum and minimum were below average with -2.1C and -1.1C respectively.

Saturday brought light rain and drizzle observed starting at 07.20 that amounted to 0.2mm. Another weather front is crossing the area so a cloudy morning but hopes of a brighter afternoon.