About the station

The Windrush Weather Station is situated on the eastern edge of the town some 144 metres above sea level where I have been making accurate weather observations since 1984.

My weather station consists of a Davis wireless VP2 electronic unit placed away from buildings, up the garden. An anemometer with weather vain unit is sited on a restrained pole 4 metres above ridge height of the building. The equipment collects and calculates a wide range of meteorological data including wind, temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV, Solar Radiation, Evapotranspiration and sunshine. Rainfall is captured using a standard 5 inch copper gauge and measured every 24 hours. The automatic rain gauge provides a live reading of actual rainfall and intensity.

The data is transmitted every two seconds to my indoor console and later downloaded to a computer for recording and analysis. The daily readings are taken at 0800 GMT.

This website is updated frequently with the latest statistics. I often receive requests for more detailed information from students, academics, professionals and other amateur meteorologists.

The website was created in 2003 and then redeveloped in 2011 by a friend of mine, Peter Lines. Peter has helped me for a number of years manage my IT setup and develop the technology used at the Weather Station.

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