About me

My fascination with the weather and the collection of weather related data started as a teenager using an outdoor maximum/minimum thermometer and simple domestic wall barometer with the results plotted manually on sheets of graph paper glued end to end. I have lived in Marlborough since 1964 and with the later prospect of being resident here for a considerable time I started my accurate collection of data in 1984 using a Stevenson screen holding the basic manually read instruments. An electronic, wired system installed in 1994 meant that data could be collected continuously via a computer, regardless of holidays. The most advanced and sophisticated wireless station was installed in 2009 allowing a slightly improved siting, meteorologically, with the relay of live data to an indoor monitor and again downloaded to a computer. With data stretching back to 1984 the interest grows as meaningful comparisons can now be made with a standard 20-year period. Climate change also makes the hobby topical and relevant.