Mist and murk continue

Friday was the first day since 4th July when no sunshine was recorded due to the continuous thick, low cloud. Professionals on the tv seem to frequently refer to this as mist and murk, which sums it up well. During the day and past night there were frequent very light showers and light rain or drizzle that amounted to just 3.8mm.

Unusually the peak temperature was only reached in the early evening at 19.22 with 18.8C, the first below average maximum since 3rd August. The other interesting point to note is that the diurnal temperature, that is the difference between day and night, was just 3.3C with a minimum of 15.5C being 4C above average.

Not surprisingly the solar energy was the lowest since 10th March when August is supposed to be a summer month. The UV level never rose above ‘Low”.

Saturday arrived with no change from the low, thick cloud draping the Marlborough Downs and Savernake Forest, visibility varying between 1,000m and 2,000m.

It is interesting to note the falling away in temperature each morning at 08.00 from the peak on Wednesday with 22.1C, 19.6C, 16.3C and today 15.6C.