Depression hanging around!

The low-pressure system dominated our weather on Tuesday with a dry day but below average maximum of 16.9C (-0.4C), identical to that logged on Monday, but without the rain. The breeze from the southeast persisted and was brisk, maximum gust of 21mph. The thermometer fell slowly away to a minimum of 10.8C at 06.24 early Wednesday being 3.1C above the average.

Wednesday revealed bursts of sunshine between breaks of cloud before 08.00 with the promise of a sunny day as the centre of low pressure has drifted southwards, now off the cast of Brittany, with its associated slow moving rain band now well to the east of our area. The barometric pressure has risen 4mb since its low on Tuesday andcontiues to rise steadily.

The depression is going to hang around for anther day or two so similar weather for the next day or two.