Change in weather has arrived

It was the warmest day in six months on Saturday being the last of the gloriously sunny days and warm days. The thermometer rose to a high of 23.8C at 17.00 being 6.2C above my 40-year average. The cloud built up during the early hours of Sunday so the past night was very mild with the thermometer not sinking below 11.2C, logged at 05.20 early Sunday, which was 4.2C above the average.

Sunday revealed a cloudy start to the new day being thin, high cloud but obscuring the sun.

The recent anticyclone has moved further away and been slowly filling, as a result the advance cloud of the low pressure system developing in the Atlantic has been edging our way. The centre of the depression earlier today was over Iceland, it will drift south then east over the UK in the next twenty-four hours.The barometric pressure has dropped 16mb since the peak on Wednesday. The breeze will veer from the east0southeast this morn to south then south-southwest during the afternoon.