Cooler yet cooler

Saturday was the last of the very warm days with the thermometer peaking at 18.7C at 14.04 being 4.2C above my 40-year average. However, two cold fronts passed over our area mid-afternoon that brought much thicker cloud also very light, brief drizzle and the temperature dropped 4C as the wind veered into the west. A low of 6.2C at 06.29 early Sunday was 2.5C above average.

Sunday revealed a bright start under thin cloud cover.

We are currently squeezed between the old depression, now centred over Iceland, and a large anticyclone in the western Atlantic that will continue the breeze, light today, from the west. The temperature is likely to fall further on Monday as the wind veers further into the west-northwest and build significantly in speed.

We have now had three consecutive dry days, not enjoyed sinece the beginning of March.