Another stormy day ahead!

Monday gave us a dry and bright day until the two periods of showers arrived at 18.05 and again just after midnight at 01.30 that amounted to 3.6mm. During the brighter periods into the afternoon the thermometer reached 16.3C, which was 2.2C above my 40-year average. During the evening and overnight the temperature slowly fell away, particularly after 04.00 as the wind swung into the west. This was due to the next depression approaching. In fact, after 04.00 a wind chill was produced that meant outside it felt 2C lower than that indicated on the thermometer, which then read 6.9C. The low of 5.9C was logged at 07.55 being 2.2C above my 40-year average.

Tuesday dawned dull and damp with total cloud cover from the next depression that is currently traversing the south of England. As the day progresses the wind is likely to back a few more degrees into the west-northwest and stay strong for most of the day, approaching 40mph. In fact today’s weather is thanks to Storm Pierrick, named by the French Weather service, thus not following the UK alphabetical sequence after Storm Kathleen.