Anticyclone beginning to take control

The thermometer did rise a little higher on Tuesday, following the cold day on Monday, with a maximum of 13.7C, but still below my 40-year average at -0.4C. However, it was a dry day with ‘Moderate’ UV levels at the peak.

With clearer skies overnight the thermometer fell steadily to reach a low of 2.1C at 03.00, also below average at -1.6C, making it the coldest night this month and since 16th March. However, there was a modest rise after that time to reach 6.6C at 08.00.

The anticyclone to the west is beginning to influence our weather and will do so for the next few days. The barometric pressure has risen 12mb in two days with a reading of 1018.1mb at 08.00. However, it will continue to stream cold air from the northwest, and probably north tomorrow, so no return to the warm days that we enjoyed almost two weeks ago. As the centre of the anticyclone approaches, the wind strength will continue to fall after the gusty days of late.