High pressure at last!

Thursday saw the barometric pressure slowly rise as the recent depression eased away and began to fill at the same time the high pressure system in the eastern Atlantic began to make itself felt. A high of 18.0C at 17.21 was just above my 40-year average at +0.7C. There were a couple of very light, brief showers that added 0.4mm to the monthly total now standing at 62.5mm being 2.2mm above my 40-year average. The temperature fell away overnight to reach a low of 10.6C at 05.34 early Friday that was 3.6C above the average. The UV in the afternoon sunshine peaked at 7.1, equal highest with the 23rd that was in the Very High level.

Friday revealed a very sunny start to the day that had lifted the temperature to 13.9C by 08.00. The barometric pressure has continued to rise, up 10mb since Thursday. As a result, Friday should be dry and bright, but cloud is forecast to spoil the day after mid-morning from the recent depression slowly trundling down the east coast of the UK. The anticyclone should produce a few dry and bright days if not very sunny as there is the ;ossiblty of cloud being brought around the north of the high by the northerly breeze.

Still changeable but improvement on the way

Wednesday was a pleasant, sunny day that saw the thermometer rise above the average (+0.9C) with a maximum of 18.2C at 11.40. Greater cloud cover in the afternoon stopped any further rise in temperatures. The minimum of 9.7C (+2.7C) occurred in the early hours of Thursday ay 01.48 before increasing cloud meant that the thermometer began to rise again to reach 11.8C at 08.00.

Thursday began dry but light drizzle was observed at 07.45 followed by a light shower close to 08.00 as a weather front traversed the area. Sadly, another weather front is following later in the morning, bit will not bring torrential rain.

The depression that has brought the unsettled weather this week is now over the NorthSea and beginning to lose its influence. At the same time as a high pressure in the eastern Atlantic is easing closer so drier, sunny days are ahead for the weekend. As a consequence of the depression relocating the wind has veered into the northwest and probably north later.

No weather fronts visiting today – hurrah!

The overcast and damp conditions on Tuesday resisted all day so it is no wonder the maximum of 17.3C at 16.07 was just average – exactly. There was no sunshine to boost the temperature as a result the UV level at its peak was 3.6, being in the Moderate level and the lowest since the 22nd. Tuesday night into Wednesday was mild, thanks to the cloud cover again, with a low of 11.8C just after midnight at 00.01 being 4.8C above my 40-year average.

The additional rainfall of 5.2mm took the monthly total above average for the first time this month with a total of 62.1mm being 103% of my 40-year average.

Wednesday brought broken sunshine to start the new day, however the low pressure system is still having an influence on our local weather but hopefully today will be brighter and a little drier than Tuesday as no weather fronts will pass our way.

A damp day ahead!

The depression that has been hanging around for the last three days is reluctant to move away. As a result the high of 16.4C on Monday was 0.9C below my 40-year average as shower clouds built up early afternoon although they were very light and brief. The low of 10.00C at midnight was 3C above average. After that time the temperature eased upwards thanks to the increasing cloud from the next weather front. The rainfall total was just 1.4mm and fell predominantly between 07.00 and 08.00 Tuesday, that latter is when daily readings are taken.

Tuesday once again staggered into life under thick, low cloud that was masked the Marlborough Downs. The synoptic chart for today indicates that three if not four weather fronts are forecast to cross the country so a dull and damp day ahead, with little prospect of any sunshine. A further wave of precipitation is likely later in the morning or early afternoon. The drift of a light breeze from the southwest will continue.

The forecast charts give some hope that by the end of the week the pesky depression that has been plaguing us for several days will have been replaced by a high pressure system easing in from the west. There are indications that at last the Jet Stream will begin to travel north of the UK rather than south, that has brought so many depressions, thus allowing high pressure to develop and influence our weather.Time will tell!

Unsettled – in a word!

At least the thermometer rose above the long-term average early in the day on Sunday with a peak of 18.7C (+1.4C) at 13.08 but cloud built up late morning with showers arriving just after 14.00. These were heavy between 14.30 and 15.00 and produced another 5.8mm of precipitation taking the monthly total to 55.5mm being 92% of my 40-year average. A minimum of 8.4C at 04.49 early Monday was also above average +1.4C.

Monday started with variable welcome sunshine that had lifted the temperature to 11.7C by 08.00. However, the low pressure system is still dominating our weather. Shower activity was already present on the rain radar to the west of our area at 07.30 and will likely become more frequent and possibly heavy as the day progresses drifting on the southwesterly breeze. As the temperature increases the unstable moist air rises, condenses as it cools at higher altitude, and produces the shower activity. This unsettled weather is likely to persist until Thursday as the depression is reluctant to move away.