A damp day ahead!

The depression that has been hanging around for the last three days is reluctant to move away. As a result the high of 16.4C on Monday was 0.9C below my 40-year average as shower clouds built up early afternoon although they were very light and brief. The low of 10.00C at midnight was 3C above average. After that time the temperature eased upwards thanks to the increasing cloud from the next weather front. The rainfall total was just 1.4mm and fell predominantly between 07.00 and 08.00 Tuesday, that latter is when daily readings are taken.

Tuesday once again staggered into life under thick, low cloud that was masked the Marlborough Downs. The synoptic chart for today indicates that three if not four weather fronts are forecast to cross the country so a dull and damp day ahead, with little prospect of any sunshine. A further wave of precipitation is likely later in the morning or early afternoon. The drift of a light breeze from the southwest will continue.

The forecast charts give some hope that by the end of the week the pesky depression that has been plaguing us for several days will have been replaced by a high pressure system easing in from the west. There are indications that at last the Jet Stream will begin to travel north of the UK rather than south, that has brought so many depressions, thus allowing high pressure to develop and influence our weather.Time will tell!