Little change – dry and bright.

Both the maximum of 20.3C late in the afternoon at 16.40 and the minimum of 8.8C early on Sunday at 04.50, were above my 40-year average with +3.0C and + 1.8C respectively.

Sunday began with total cloud cover and it felt quite cool in the brisk northeasterly breeze from the low of 8.8C at 08.00.

The low pressure over the Low Countries and the high-pressure in the eastern Atlantic are continuing to produce an air flow from the north or northeast and likely to for the next three days. The long flow down the NorthSea is collecting moisture overnight and will take time for the cloud to burn off in the mornings.The high pressure is easing in from the west with a slight increase in pressure again, this is keeping weather fronts at bay but shower clouds are always a possibility although we missed the intense showers over the West Country yesterday.