Depression reluctant to leave UK shores although UV level very high on Thursday

Thursday was another dull and cool day thanks to the cloud from the depression that limited the rise in temperature to a maximum of 15.5C at 17.50 being 1.8C below my 40-year average. However it was a dry day and in the brief bursts of sunshine the UV level peaked at 7.1 that was just into the ‘Very High’ category and not reached since 12th August 2023.

The past night was the chilliest for a week with a low of 7.2C logged at 05.16 early Friday and just above the average.

Friday revealed another cloudy start to a new day although the cloud was thinner and by 08.00 bright spells were appearing. As a result of the depression moving just a little further away, over north of Scotland, the barometric pressure has risen a little higher with a reading of 1018.7mb at 08.00, the highest since the 11th.