High pressure builds

The maximum temperature for the past three days has been very similar with 31.7C, 31.4C and 31.6C on Tuesday, all last C above the 37-year average. We survived 11.60 hours of very strong sunshine, Tuesday was 11.55 hours, with the UV level not surprisingly well into the Very High level for three hours around midday.

The past night was a little cooler but still above average with a minimum of 13.6C.

Wednesday arrived as the three previous mornings with sunshine from dawn, a little weaker than Tuesday due to thin high cloud, that lifted the thermometer to 21.3C at 08.00, a degree down on Tuesday at that time.

The centre of the anticyclone is currently off the north west coast of Scotland with the pressure rising further, with a pressure of 1022.7mb at 08.00. The air movement, cannot call it wind with maximum gusts only in low single figures, has veered into the northeast as the high pressure relocates.

The hot, dry weather is causing the equivalent rainfall of almost 5mm daily to evaporate into the atmosphere from the ground and plant life.

Update at 16.15: maximum temperature of 31.0C (88F) at 13.01, just below peak of previous days. Now four consecutive days of 31C maximum or fractionally above.