Oh dear, below average temperatures again!

Tuesday was disappointing as regards heat, following the warm Monday, as the persistent breeze from the northeast pegged back the temperatures, there was also less sunshine due to variable cloud. The maximum of 20.1C occurred at 14.45 and was 0.5C below my 40-year average. The low of 10.0C was also below average, just, at -0.2C, which occurred very early Wednesday morning at 01.57 thanks to the cloud that rolled in from the east overnight carried along on the persistent northeasterly breeze that was quite gusty after dawn.

Wednesday gave us a disappointing start to a new day as the cloud cover was thick and the northeasterly breeze gusty. There were a few bright intervals just before 08.00 but very brief. The thermometer had risen to 12.2C by 08.00.

The high pressure in mid-Atlantic is building over the UK, the pressure reading at 08.00 was 1020.9mb, up 6mb since Tuesday and 11mb since Monday. This ridge of high pressure should maintain the dry and sunny conditions after the sun breaks through and burns away the cloud.