Nagging northwesterly persists for another day – so cool again!

Yet again on Monday we were under the influence of the low pressure over Scandinavia funnelling the Artic air down from around Greenland on a northwest or north-northwesterly air stream. As a result the maximum was again pegged back in the cool air with a maximum of just 17.2C being 3.4C below my 40-year average but at least a degree up on the Sunday low. It was a dry day with the UV level peaking at ‘High’.

The past night was again cool with the thermometer sinking to a low of 3.9C being a significant 6.3C below the average.

Monday brought glorious sunshine to start the day that lifted the temperature to 10.2C at 08.00. The barometric pressure has been slowly rising to reach 1019.0mb at 08.00, the highest for four days. The cool air ob a light northwesterly will continue.

The pesky depression has been very slowly easing away and also slowly filling. We are beginning to come under the influence of a high pressure system in the Atlantic that should give us a dry day and into tomorrow but it won’t last. By Thursday that transitory high will have disappeared and we will come under the influence of yet another depression.