Highest UV all year on Friday but cold air continues

The variable sunshine raised the peak temperature to 18.5C at 16.03 before thickening cloud stopped any further rise. In fact light rain and drizzle was observed just north of Marlborough but dry all day. The UV level rose to 7.9 at 13.26 being in the ‘Very High’ category and was the highest since 18th July 2023. However,it is almost mid-summer and midday is 13.30 so strong sunshine at that time should be expected in that category. The past night was milder with a low of 9.1C at 05.48 early Saturday. Both the maximum and minimum were below average with -2.1C and -1.1C respectively.

Saturday brought light rain and drizzle observed starting at 07.20 that amounted to 0.2mm. Another weather front is crossing the area so a cloudy morning but hopes of a brighter afternoon.