Unsettled again as pesky depression hangs around!

Saturday was the warmest day for a week BUT it was still 3.2C below my 40-year average thanks to rain until around 10.30 followed by frequent showers. The maximum of 17.4C was logged at 15.37. The low of 10.3C was the highest since the 4th and just above average, only the second time this month. The depression was still close producing a southwesterly breeze, quite strong, with a maximum gust of 24mph.

The additional precipitation of 2.8mm took the monthly total to 19.6mm, just 36% of my 40-year average.

There was a little brightness at first on Sunday but cloud thickened around 08.00 limiting any sunshine. The centre of the low pressure has eased a little northwards that will bring a breeze from the west today.