Touch of summer on Sunday but it won’t last!

The many hours of glorious sunshine on Sunday, well into the evening, raised the temperature to a high of 23.4C at 18.10. This was 2.8C above my 40year average and the warmest day since 15th September (24.1C). The UV level peaked at 6.8, which was at the top end of ‘High’. The warmth dropped away in the ear,ynhosr to reach a low of 9.6C at 04.32 being 0.6C below the average. The bees, peaking at 15mph, backed from north to northwest during g the afternoon around 16.00, light and variable by that time.

Monday brought variable sunshine to start the day but just before 07.30 began to shine strongly and continuously lifting the thermometer to 15.5C by 08.00. The light wind is still coming from the northwest.

The recent anticyclone is beginning to slip a little further west and lose its central pressure that has seen the barometric pressure here drop 6mb since Sunday. At the same time a depression between Greenland and Norway is deepening and beginning to influence our weather. This will begin to dominate our weather for the next few days, the cooler airstream will mean lower maximum temperatures and likely cooler nights also the wind strengthening.The breeze will back further today, into the west late afternoon.