The weather is changing – for the better!

A high of 20.8C on Sunday at 16.22, in the strong, late afternoon sunshine, was just above average +0.2C, the first since the 3rd. However, the clear skies overnight meant another cool night that saw the thermometer drop to 6.2C at 04.17 early Monday.

Monday brought a glorious start to the new day with strong sunshine in a blue sky with just whips of thin high cloud. This warmth had lifted the thermometer to 15.7C at 08.00 making it the warmest start to a day this month at that time.

The recent depression has at last drifted away into Scandinavia and being replaced by a very welcome high pressure that is currently in the Atlantic and will bring us drier and sunnier conditions. This anticyclone will produce a ridge of high pressure over the UK for the next few days, thus this week is looking to be more like summer.

The Jet Stream is at last repositioning itself more to the north of the UK than it has for months, and looks as is this will continue for a week or two from the projections. Therefore, more drier and warmer days are ahead.