Warmth and brightness returned on Tuesday

Tuesday was an improved day with brightness in the morning with 1.3 hours of sunshine. The very mild air, brought on a brisk southwesterly breeze gusting to a peak of 20mph, lifted the thermometer to a maximum of 12.1C, which was 4.4C above the 37-year average. The UV level rose to 1.0, the highest since 12th November. Although we have had so many gloomy and overcast days recently this is evidence that the sun is slowly getting stronger.

There was a little drizzle mid-morning amounting to 0.5mm.

The mild air continued overnight with a minimum of 6.6C being 5.1C above the long term average.

Wednesday morning saw a repetition of the overcast starts that we experienced so often in January. A weather front with its associated heavy rain, skirted the area overnight and is now slowly drawing away to the south east leaving on its back edge thick cloud. The air movement is very still, the anemometer occasionally managing to rotate very slowly before becoming stationery again.