A little cooler but still above average on Wednesday

The mild air still over the south of the country meant another above average day on Wednesday with a maximum of 9.7C at 13.14 being 2C above the 37-year average but down almost 3C on the Tuesday high. A brief light shower in the early afternoon amounted to 0.3mm.

Although the thermometer fell away overnight the minimum of 2.4C at 04.44 was 0.9C above average but recovered to 4.8C at 08.00 on Thursday. The low was 4C below the Wednesday minimum.

Thursday dawned grey and dull with low cloud and fog that limited visibility at first to 200m. The mild air is likely to continue for Thursday as the wind has backed further, now from the south, with little movement of air at 09.00.

The rain radar shows an extensive shower area approaching the south cast that is likely to arrive at or soon after noon.