What a difference a change in wind direction makes!

Friday saw the wind come from the northwest as the day developed, which is a warmer direction that the persistent north easterlies we have endured recently. As a result the temperature began to recover during daylight hours to reach a peak of 17.6C, which was just 0.4C below average and the warmest day this week. Another 12 hours of strong sunshine was logged.

Thankfully, especially for gardeners, the thermometer stayed well above freezing overnight with a minimum of 6.4C at 03.24. During the evening the thermometer slowly fell away but in the early hours cloud began to encroach halting the slide.

Thick cloud greeted the dawn but by 08.00 the sky began to brighten with the temperature having risen to 8.7C.

The anticyclone has been slowly drifting down the eastern Atlantic thus the change in wind direction, today it is coming from the west, and locally the pressure is rising again.