Wettest day in six years and no sun!

The rain on Thursday began before 05.00 and stopped just after 18.30. However as the low pressure area slowly circled anticlockwise and moved ever so slowly westwards, the tail of the very wide rain band came back to the area in the early hours of Friday, light at first but more persistent and heavier rain from 06.00. The total rainfall for the twenty-four hours was 33.8mm. This was the wettest day since 18th September 2014 when 40.6mm fell in one day. The total rainfall for June has reached 61.6mm, which is 8mm above the 36-year average. At its peak the rain was falling at a rate of 90mm/hour.

Due to the slack area of low pressure winds were light for most of the period but as the depression circled the area the wind began the day from the southwest then veered into the North and eventually into the south late in the afternoon.

This was the first day without measurable sunshine since 28th April.

With all the cloud and rain the daytime temperature was depressed that meant a maximum of only 14.9C. This was the second coolest day in June and 5.2C below the 36-year average. Conversely, the thick, low cloud meant a mild night with a minimum of 12.4C being 2.4C above average.

As commented above, Friday morning saw the wet conditions continue with modest, continuous rain.