Another cool and damp day on Friday

The rain eased away on Friday but still produced another 4.9mm of rainfall bringing the monthly total to 66.5mm being 13mm above the 36-year average. The convergence of two air streams on Thursday, from the cooler drier air mass from the east and warm, moist air mass from the south converged over southern England producing the exceptional rainfall.

With minimal sunshine, just 4.6 hours, but mostly cloudy, the temperature was depressed by day with a peak of 18.3C, which was 1.6C below the average.

Overnight was another mild night due to the cloud cover with the thermometer not sinking below 11.5C, which was 1.C above the average,

Saturday after dawn saw thick low cloud but by 08.00 bright periods were appearing as a temporary ridge of high pressure took effect. The barometric pressure has been rising for the past twenty-four hours.