Warmth not enjoyed since September

The effect of the anticyclone becoming resident over the North Sea became evident on Saturday as the thermometer rose to a peak of 21.3C being 4C above the average and not experienced since 21st September. At its peak the UV level rose to 7.9 in the 9.4 hours of strong sunshine, which was ‘Very High’. The wind continued light, maximum gust fo 16mph, and from the northeast.

A cool night followed with the thermometer dropping away to 4.2C at 05.11 immediately before the sun rose in a clear sky and reversed the trend.

Sunday brought sunshine after dawn that lifted the temperature to 14.2C at 08.00 with the barometric at its highest since 17th April with a reading of 1029.0mb immediately after midnight. This was the warmest start to a day at that time since 3rd September.