Sunday gave us a splendid late Spring day with almost 12 hours of sunshine and the UV level peaked at the ‘Very High’ level. There was a light wind, maximum gust of 15mph, that took off the edge of the warmth with a maximum of 20.1C, down a degree on the Saturday peak. The barometric pressure rose to its highest of 1029.0mb just after midnight.

The easterly air movement overnight brought moisture in from the North Sea that formed fog with visibility limited to 400m after dawn but by 07.15 there was a slow but noticeable improvement as the sun got to work with visibility improved to around 1,000m by 08.00. Radar indicated that the fog extended as far west as Bath. At the same time the temperature eased upwards from a minimum of 7.0C to read 9.2C at 08.00. Due to the fog the humidity of 94% today is far higher than the sunny start on Sunday when a reading of 71% was made at 08.00.