Anticyclone builds bringing quiet, warm and dry weather

Under the influence of the nearby anticyclone Friday was dry, almost, a few spots of rain were observed between 11.30 and about 11.45 from the edge of a weather system to the west of this area. The day was mainly cloudy but during the 4 hours of sunshine the the UV love rose to 5.8 being “High” and the thermometer peaked at 19.2C. This high was down 1.6C on the Thursday peak but thankfully 1.9C above the average, only the second above average this month.

Due to the persistent cloud overnight the thermometer did not drop below 11.9C giving a mild night being 5C above the 37-year average.

Saturday dawned with a totally cloudy sky and thus no sunshine. The barometric pressure reading of 1026.1mb at 08.00, was the highest pressure since 15th April. The centre of the anticyclone is now over the North Sea and as yesterday producing a very light breeze, maximum gust on Friday of just 12mph, and from the east. The temperature at 08.00 was 13.6C making it the warmest start to a day at that time since 30th October.