Warmest morning this month on Wednesday

The warm, southerly air continued to produce a mild day and night on Tuesday with a maximum of 11.4C being 3.7C above average and a minimum of 6.4C, which was 4.9C above average.

A narrow band of rain crossed the area between 1555 and 1620 on Tuesday afternoon during which the temperature dropped 2C. Further rain arrived in the early hours of Wednesday triggering the automatic rain gauge at 0440 that combined produced a doily total of 8.2mm. The monthly total has reached 41.8mm when the 37-year average is 67.2mm

Due to the mild air by day and night also overcast skies, the temperature at 08.00 on Wednesday read 9.2C making it the equal warmest day this month with the 2nd. The southerly breeze continues but again we have a very calm start to the day.