Another mild but breezy day on Wednesday

The warm, southerly air movement continued on Wednesday producing a maximum of 11.3C. This was 3.6C above the 37-year average but almost identical to the maxima on the two previous days of 11.2C and 11.4C. Rain occurred at intervals during daylight hours and a little overnight amounting to 4.3mm that brought the monthly total to 46.1mm, which is 69% of the long-term average. It was a breezy day with blustery winds and a maximum gust of 29mph at 18.39.

It was another very mild night with the thermometer not dropping below 7.8C being 6.3C above the average.

As dawn arrived on Thursday another rain band, about 40 miles wide, approached the area with light rain after 07.00 and more intense rain at 07.45. The southerly wind continues gust with a gust of 26mph at 08.09.