Two successive days – two different seasons

What a difference between two successive days as the temperature difference between the maxima of Friday and Saturday was almost 20C and very welcome rain. After the residual heat from Friday was lost the thermometer hovered around 13C all day on Saturday rather than 31.3C. The wind had veered into the north and north-northeast, a cooler direction than previous days.

Light rain began to fall for a brief period at 19.05 and more continuous steady rainfall started again at 20.35 amounting to 6.8mm. This was the second wettest day this month, after 8.7mm on the 5th, and brought the monthly total 18.8mm when the average is 54.2mm.

The temperature slipped away to 7.9C overnight.

Sunday was initially cloudy but soon after 07.30 brief sunny intervals occurred that lifted the temperature to 10.6C at 08.00. The wind continues from the north-northeast and brisk. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm has dropped 8C in twenty-four hours to register 13.3C at 08.00.