Hottest June day since 2020 but not a record

The thermometer rose steadily all day on Friday to register a peak of 31.3C at 15.40. This was 11.1C above the 38-year average and the hottest day since 25th June 2020. It was not a record for June as a peak of 32.2C was recorded on June 21st 2017.

The humidity began to rise from a low of 41% after 16.15 and the wind to veer from south to west. It was another day with the UV level reaching Very High again.

The past night was very warm with the thermometer not sinking below 13.5C being 3.4C above the average.

Saturday brought a different start to a day with very misty conditions and the humidity of 91% the highest for a fortnight. By 08.00 the milky sunshine had lifted the temperature to 17.7C. The wind has now veered from west into the north.

Over 5mm of equivalent rainfall was lost on Friday to evaporation bringing the monthly total to 56mm when just 12mm of rainfall has fallen.