Another cool day on Sunday

With a maximum of just 16.4C on Sunday it was the coolest day since the 5th (14.0C) and 3.8C below the average, partly to the brisk north-northheast breeze. There was a little more sunshine than on Saturday but limited with the UV level rated as High.

There was a very brief shower at 19.05 and more continuous rain for just over an hour and a half starting at 20.15 amounting to 3.1mm. That brought the monthly total to 21.9mm when the 38-year average is 54.2mm.

The minimum of 9.4C at 04.57, Monday, was 0.7C below the average.

Monday arrived with a sunny start to the day, which had lifted the temperature to 13.2C at 08.00. The wind continued from the north-northeast and brisk.