Turbulent twenty-four hours

The barometric pressure fell rapidly on Wednesday with a resultant increase in wind strength. The cloud associated with the depression meant a sunless day, the third this month. The temperature hovered around 9C for most of the day but in the evening eased upwards to give a maximum of 10.6C at 18.32.

The peak gust in the past twenty-four hours occurred at 02.20 with a gust of 42mph.

Thursday arrived with variable cloud and short bursts of sunshine. The minimum barometric pressure reached was 989.7mb. The pressure is now rising rapidly as the depression eases away.

There was such a contrast in solar energy over the past two days when our contribution to green energy from solar panels was almost 20kwh on Tuesday but only 1.4kwh on Wednesday, However, as far as the country is concerned where the solar energy was diminished it was compensated for by energy from wind turbines.