Unsettled weather arrives overnight

Tuesday that brought 7.5 hours of sunshine was a glorious day with the thermometer rising to a maximum of 12.0C, which was 1.5C above the 37-year average and the warmest day since 25th February. The wind was predominantly from the southwest and brisk with a peak gust of 17mph.

Thin high cloud began to mask the sun just after 16.00 as the advance notice of the approaching depression. Around the same time the wind began to back and come from the south.

The barometric pressure has been dropping dramatically over the most twenty-four hours loosing 12mb in strength as a depression off the west coast of Ireland deepens and approaches the UK. By 12.00 it is forecast to have a central pressure of just 965mb, which is extremely low.

Overnight the cloud continued to thicken and the first rain triggered the automatic rain gauge just after 05.00 that amounted to 1.2mm by 08.00 on Wednesday. The wind began to strengthen around that time with a peak gust of 26mph at 07.15. Increased cloud cover meant a mild night with a minimum of 5.3C being 3C above the average.