What a difference a change in wind direction makes!

The very light wind on Monday with a maximum gust of just 10mph, was predominantly from the west-northwest and then west, which is a warmer direction than from the Arctic north recently. As a consequence, and aided by 5.7 hours of sunshine, the thermometer rose to its highest in March with a maximum of 11.1C. This was 0.6C above the 37-year average, the warmest day since 28th February and a rise of 5C over previous days.

There was an overnight air frost, but much less severe than the previous night, with a minimum of -1.1C at 06.12 on Tuesday.

It was a delight to see and feel the the sun shining brightly after sunrise that lifted the temperature to 3.4C at 08.00.

The high pressure has been retreating over the last three days with a current reading at 08.00 of 1021.9mb, the lowest since 24th February. A depression is queuing up in the Atlantic to take its place so Tuesday will be the last of the settled days. The wind has now backed further and currently coming from the southwest although currently very light.