Another night with a dramatic change in temperature

Sunday brought after midday 5.7 hours of sunshine but the light breeze from the north meant the temperature was depressed with a maximum of only 6.1C being 4.4C below average. The UV level of 2.3 was the highest since 11th October being at the top end of ‘Low’.

During the late afternoon the thermometer began to fall again under clearing skies but fell rapidly during the evening. The air reached freezing point (-0.1C) at 19.36, -1.0C occurred at 20.05 and -3.0 at 22.54 before the minimum of -3.3C was logged at 23.30. Thereafter, the thermometer began to recover so that by 08.00 on Monday the temperature had returned above freezing with a reading of 0.7C with no evidence that during the late evening a hard frost had occurred. The thermometer edged above freezing at 03.15 before briefly falling back to -0.1c just before dawn.

Monday after dawn saw complete cloud cover. The anticyclone has been retreating with the current pressure at 08.00 of 1025.8mb, down 10mb in 24 hours. The centre of the high pressure is now over the western side of the Bay of Biscay that will bring air movement today from the west – a significant change in direction.