‘Scandinavian Surge’ continues cold weather

Although the maximum on Saturday was 1C up on Friday, which was 1C up on Thursday, it was a cold day. The thermometer eventually rose to a peak of 6.4C, which was 4C below the 37-year average. I read yesterday that the plunge of cold air from this direction is referred to as the Scandinavian Surge. The breeze continued from a northeasterly direction but less brisk than of late with a peak gust of 13mph.

The past night was very similar to the previous night in that the thermometer dropped away to a minimum in the early hours before rising again as cloud drifted in. The minimum of -1.3C at 02.27 Sunday morning produced a short lived air frost so that by 08.00 on Sunday the thermometer had recovered to read 1.2C.

Sadly no sun was evident after sunrise on Sunday due to the thick cloud. The wind, has backed slightly into a more northerly aspect as the centre of the anticyclone is over the southwest coast of Ireland at midday. The air today is much drier than of late with the wind now passing over more land than sea with a humidity of 72% at 08.00, not seen since 12th February.