Limited sunshine on Friday – disappointing!

Although Friday started with glorious sunshine, cloud built up quickly obscuring the sun after 1.1 hours. The breeze continued mainly from the north east and brisk, peak gust of 19mph, that limited the temperature rise to a maximum 5.5C. This was 1C up on the Thursday very low figure but still a significant 5C below the average.

It was dry day with the UV level restricted due to cloud, with a peak reading of 1.8, which is classed as ‘Low”. The UV needs to reach 3 before it is classed as moderate.

The thermometer steadily dropped during the evening reaching a minimum of -2.0C at 02.45 on Saturday morning, which was 4.4C below the 37-year average.

Saturday dawned with cloud on the eastern horizon blocking out the sun but just before 08.00 it rose above the cloud but sadly more continuous cloud cover shortly obscured much sunshine after 08.45. The thermometer had recovered to 1.1C at 08.00. The high pressure is meandering around the UK and its centre is forecast to be over The Wash at midday hence the very high current pressure of 1035.6mb, the highest since 27th February.