Sunshine at sunrise – what a treat!

Thursday continued the gloomy, grey and sunless days. The cold air brought on the brisk north-east breeze, gusting to 21mph at times, meant a cool day with wind chill. The thermometer was reluctant to rise during the daytime with a maximum of only 4.4C, which was almost 4C on the previous day. This was an increase of only 1C after the 08.00 reading and 6C below the 37-year average.

There was a drop of just 3C overnight with a minimum of 1.3C at 06.54 on Friday morning being 1.1C below the long-term average.

It was such treat to enjoy sunshine as the sun rose above the horizon on Friday followed by broken sunshine as the morning progressed.

The high pressure is currently centred over Edinburgh, having moved southeastward over past hours. This has resulted in the barometric pressure rising several millibars since yesterday with a reading of 1031.7mb at 08.00. As a result the wind has backed a little, currently coming from the north north-east. The modest breeze is again producing a wind chill so that it felt more like 2C outside at 08.00 rather than the 3.2C indicated on the sheltered thermometer.

The variation between the maximum and minimum temperature over the past twenty-four hours, referred to as the diurnal range, was a minimal 3.1C.