First rain in a week

Wednesday was the first sunless day since 19th February as the grey, gloomy weather persisted all day. The thermometer struggled to reach 8.3C, which was 2.2C below the 37-year average.

A few rain drops were observed at 13.21, not enough to wet the pavement, as a large shower complex moved northwards just to the east of this area and another more modest shower area to the west. However more persistent light rain began just after 21.15 and a heavier shower at 04.00 on Thursday. These showers amounted to 3.1mm of rainfall, the first this month and since 24th February.

The fog returned late evening and was thick but by first light on Thursday the cloud base had risen so that visibility had increased to at least 2,000m if a little misty. The minimum temperature of 3.0C was 0.6C above the long-term average thanks to the thick cloud acting as a duvet stopping warmth from escaping into the atmosphere. The wind today has backed from easterly to northeasterly as high-pressure develops to the north west of the UK bringing much colder air, and very light again. The maximum gust on Wednesday was just 14mph.