That was hot – 27.9C!

The heat intensified on Sunday with a maximum temperature of 27.9C. This high was 7.2C above the 37-year average and the hottest day since August 11th and 12th when the thermometer peaked at 34.1C on both days.

The wind on Sunday was variable between east then south to southwest and back to south.

Sunday night into Monday was again very warm with a minimum of 11.6C being 1.6C above the average.

The sun shone strongly after dawn in Monday triggering the sunshine recorder at 06.10 and raising the thermometer to 21.2C at 08.00. This was the warmest start to a day at that time since 12th August (22.1C). The wind is currently coming from the west-northwest.

The rainfall total for July stands 0.7mm whilst the equivalent rainfall of 45mm has evaporated from the ground and plant life. The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm read 23.7C at 08.00 as the heat by day and warmth by night permeates the ground as it dries out.