Hotter still!

During the 11.4 hours of sunshine on Saturday the thermometer soared to 24.5C and stayed there for over two hours. This peak was 4.3C above the 37-year average and the warmest day since 16th September. The UV level again, not surprisingly as it it is almost mid-summer, rose to Very High.

The past night was very mild with a minimum of 11.4C being 1.3C above the average.

On Sunday morning we were greeted with strong sunshine after dawn that lifted the temperature to 19.4C at 08.00, the warmest start to a day since 13th August.

The barometric pressure has continued to rise, currently at 1028.4mb, the highest this month. The wind direction at 08.00 was from then east but forecast to swing into the southwest later in the day as the high pressure relocates from the southern North Sea