Cool northwesterly pegged back temperature

The wind on Monday was principally for the northwest, a cool direction that meant the temperatures did not peak as high as on Sunday. Even so the maximum of 26.7C at 14.17, was 6.5C above the average. Cloud began to filter across mid-afternoon that limited any further rise in temperature and in fact dropped a degree or two.The wind in the late evening veered into the north.

It was the coolest night for a week with a minimum of 10.7C, which was almost exactly the average.

Tuesday saw a mainly cloudy start to the day with the wind coming from the east-northeast and feeling very cool for the first couple of hours. The thermometer at 08.00 read 14.9C, the coolest start to a day this month at this time since the 8th.

The soil temperature at a depth of 5cm this morning had dropped back to 20.5C compared to a peak of 23.7C yesterday.

The wind is forecast to make a 180 degree turn later today as a depression edges closer from the eastern Atlantic