Variable wind directions

Tuesday saw the breeze coming from the north east then east. Early afternoon the wind had veered into the south then southwest and briefly northwest before backing into the southwest late evening.

Variable cloud during the 11.52 hours of sunshine and Very High UV meant the maximum temperature of 26.1C was a little lower than on the two previous days but still 5.9C above the 37-year average.

We have now enjoyed nine consecutive days without rainfall that amounts to just 0.7mm this month.

It was a very mild night with the thermometer not sinking below 12.4C being 2.3C above average and the warmest night for almost a week.

Fog was present at dawn on Wednesday that initially limited visibility to 200m but by 06.00 was beginning to ease. Bright intervals were in evidence over the next hour or so as the visibility increased considerably leaving misty contains by 08.00.