Sunshine and showers

The unsettled weather continued on Sunday with frequent showers and sunny intervals. The limited sunshine totalled 5.9 hours, combined with periods of thick cloud and rain meant a cooler day when the thermometer did not rise above 19.7C being 3.1C below average. We have only enjoyed seven days in July when the daily maximum rose above average.

Once again the thick cloud overnight meant a duvet of cloud stopped much warmth escaping into the atmosphere producing a very mild night with a minimum of 14.4C, being 2.5C above average.

The next, extensive rain band arrived in the early hours of Monday with heavy bursts of rain starting just after 04.30 that by 08.00 had brought the daily total to 6.9mm and the monthly total to 50.7mm, still 9mm below the July average.

A clap of thunder greeted the stillness at 07.25 on Monday as yet another wave of heavy rain crossed the area. The wind had mace a subtle shift in direction in the early hours from southwest to south.